Big Data Analytics in Telecom Industry

Transforming MVNOs into Intelligent Enterprises.

Given the challenging industry dynamics, managing the customer base to reduce churn should be among any senior telecom executive’s highest priorities. Our work with MVNOs and ETCs in the US reveals that those companies that implement a comprehensive, analytics-based approach to base management can reduce their churn by as much as 15%.

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Using Data Science to identify the signals.

The reasons that lead to customer churn can be numerous, coming from poor service quality, delay on customer support, prices, new competitors entering the market, and so on. Usually, there is no single reason, but a combination of events that somehow culminated in customer displeasure.
Every churned customer leaves good clues about where you left to be desired. Identifying these clues leads to meaningful insights and we use this to train our Churn Prediction Models, learn from the past, and have strategic information at hand to improve future experiences. It is all about machine learning.

Our 3-Step Process

Telecom Data Analytics
Telecom Data Analytics

Customer Churn Model Construction

Telecom Churn Analytics

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